My name is Roeshdien Jaz (Cancer Survivor/Independent Musician and Professional Life Coach).

13 years ago, I started writing a song called, ‘THE CALLING’ to inspire myself and others to live what we believe to be our purpose and answer ‘our calling’. On the 26 September 2012, my life would change forever, being diagnosed with Colon Cancer. After a 5 week stay at Kingsbury Life Hospital, 3 Major surgeries, 8 rounds of chemotherapy, an ileostomy bag attached to the right side of my tummy for eight months, I have come to the realisation of just how precious life is. That none of us are ‘Teflon Coated’, and that it’s ultimately not how much time we are given on this planet, BUT how we choose to occupy our time. With lots of prayer, love and support of family, friends, and God’s grace, I am still here, and even more driven than ever to fulfil my soul purpose an answer what I believe to be ‘MY CALLING’.

About 6 months ago I connected with an amazing producer/songwriter, Charlie Hamilton, whom produced songs for the likes of TK Zee, Jody Williams (Idols Winner). I shared my personal story and what inspired the song 13 years ago, and it he resonated deeply with my journey and intention to use this song as a medium to inspire hope and faith for people going through their own personal life challenges. We co-wrote the rest of the song and started the production and recording process. Without any funds we pulled on all our contacts and resources. I made contact with some of my dearest fellow musician friends, Steven Titus (Bassist), Germaine Leonard (Guitarist), Siba Jonas (Backing Vocalist), Zenzo Chakara (Backing Vocalist), Alistair Du Toit (Percussion) and Edward Herman (Keys), whom all came together in the spirit of collective consciousness to create something special that can uplift, elevate and inspire people.

I then approached an award winning Film Director, Desmond Denton (ImagenHeart), whom I was blessed to connect with through ‘Music Exchange (NPC)’ Founder, Martin Myers, whom also connected with producer, Charlie Hamilton ( I shared my story and the song with Desmond and it deeply resonated with his spirit. Once again with absolutely no budget, together, we have decided to embark on a ”Crowed Funding Campaign”, to help bring my story of hope, courage and faith, to the big screen (Music Video and Biographical Documentary).


Crowed funding/Purpose project (4 phases):

Phase 1: 

I recently recorded a few raw ‘unedited’ video clips of myself sharing my story, what inspired the song and my journey of overcoming cancer.  And appeal to the public and organisations (CSI), to be a part of the journey and ‘co create’ this story with us, by donating R100 towards the creation of my very first official music video for this brand new uplifting single, ‘THE CALLING’ to inspire hope and faith for many others going through their own personal life challenges. The public may send me an email to, alternatively message me on 072 600 4353 or even add me on Facebook (Roeshdien Jaz) and contact me via any of those mediums. All contributors names will be featured in the credits of the video and also in the spirit of energy exchange, be sent a FREE copy of the new single, which will soon also be available on worldwide digital platforms for download. i.e. ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play etc.


Phase 2:

We will be recording a more professional edited video clips of myself and film director Desmond Denton, in which we will be sharing a bit more context around the project our collaboration to bring my story to the big screen, and opportunities for the public to get involved in other capacities re feature in video as extras, sponsorships etc. We would also love to approach various Cancer Organisations and feature other cancer survivors, particularly GVI Oncology, which is where I received my chemotherapy.

Phase 3:

We will be recording more professional edited video clips to invite the public to view and be are part of the entire organic process of the creating the Music Video (Behind the scenes footage, all the important people and role players involved. No man is an island.

Phase 4: The actual Music Video shoot of ”THE CALLING”. We will also intend to make explicit all the contributors, sponsors and public members whom co created this journey with us.


Crowed Funding Bank Account Details:

Absa Bank Kenilworth (Roeshdien Jass)

Branch Code: 632005

Account Type: Savings

Account Number: 9297207933